Suman  Bhattacharya
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"Suman Bhattacharya's novel, a contemporary love story, is funny and emotional...anyone who enjoyed Q AND A will connect with this. A terrific tale from a talented writer to watch."

Sujata Massey

Author of  "City Of Palaces" & the Rei Shimura mysteries

Winner of Agatha Christi Award,

US Best First Novel Award,

Macavity Award for Best Novel

   "I think your story is now really tight, funny - real - you wrote so well some people may think it is almost all an autobiography"


Author - "Diary of a Celebrity Horse Trainer"
"Am keeping my fingers crossed for this wonderfully written book- it's fresh, imaginative, and real (you can truly relate to the characters). I hope it releases soon and hits the best-seller list like lightning..."

Manika Garg
 International English Language Editor
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